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Looking for Representation.

A "REAL" Manager, Agent.


contact info is on contact page.  You Must have a industry resume... Also i'm looking to do movie soundtracks and Acting.

Hi, friend!


Welcome to my Music site. I'm always updating things here with fresh, new pics from my latest shoots.  and adding new music to see what you guys think. Please Stop by often.

And thanks again for stoping by.

​Your friend in space.... John Maurice

  • John Maurice "The Sound of Making Love" Mix4:16



Check out my new music video coming soon.

John Maurice is Launching is new record label and small Film company

John Maurice Entertainment INC.

coming soon and John Maurice is looking for artist for his new label.

Old school Video Alert

Check out some of my old  performance  videos from back in the day. Embarrassing but it's me. You can't run from yourself on youtube!!!  lol   but it's always good to look back to see just how far i've come from  where i am now.

Jo​hn Maurice

john  maurice    New album        

"I wanna be the one to love you"                           will not be released this year  due to A incompetent record label .  i will be giving it away for free as a download soon, my new album"Intimacy"will be out soon

Hands down "Intimacy"will

​be My Best work to date.

Latest News

John Mauricedoes stand up for the very first time and its at the Orlando improv. Check out the video below or in the video section on the music page.

         New February 2016

John Maurice will be at the orlando improve mid february come back for more details.


Exciting news, everyone! I am almost done in the studio with my new album. After I am done mixing all of the new songs I am going to listening party at a private venue and i would love for you all to come out and party with me. . I'll keep you all posted.

​John Maurice

        Also  John Maurice Just made a song called "Everytime I close my eyes". It's a song about how he think he would feel if his loved one was taken by gun violence. after all of the shooting in the school. John Maurice is trying to set up a foundation for family effected buy this senseless tragedy to where the proceeds would go to help rebuild some kind of financial normalcy in there homes.

   With John Maurice new project his goal is to help kids who are food insecure. Thats what is pulling on his heart now. Help and join John Maurice with this project. details coming soon.